Holiday Gift Ideas for the Creative People in Your Life

Is there an artist in your life? For all the writers, painters, and designers around you, here are some easy ideas that are sure to please everybody.

Expand their knowledge.

Whether your loved one is painter or a writer, there's surely a magazine out there just for them. Find it and then sign him up for year subscription. Or get an instructional book to help her expand and perfect their craft. If you're not sure of what exactly the person specializes in, look for general photography books featuring works of popular artists in the field.

Sign them up.

Is there a local art center or continuing education school offering special classes? You may not know exactly what they would be interested in, but you can always get a gift certificate and let them choose what class to join. If a class seems like too much of an imposition, see if you can book time and space at a local art shop or center. For sculptors, this can mean an hour of firing/glazing at an art studio while for writers it can mean an appointment at a local research library.

Be specific.

Just because somebody likes to paint does not mean they are also creative in other aspects of the arts. In the same vein, a short story writer may not be interested in a book of essays. Ask around if you don't know for sure what the person likes. When in doubt, keep it general. Both the fiction and the non-fiction writer will probably appreciate a quality pen, a coffee maker (clichéd, but true) or a basket of office goodies.

Go beyond the obvious.

Creative people often spend lots of time in the same place, doing repetitive actions that can result in stress and even injuries. For those who sit down for hours at a time, a good massage chair or a fun laptop accessory can be a nice break from the routine. For painters or sculptors, hand creams or other beauty treatments to offset the effects of paints and chemicals on their skin.

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